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6 Secrets You Can Invent Your Own Bath Bombs

6 Secrets You Can Invent Your Own Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs Tips:


1.Don’t use Epsom salts or Dead Sea salts.  Save these for bath salts.  The magnesium draws moisture from the air and encourages premature fizzing.


2.Go easy on the percentage of oils in the recipe.  Too high a percentage of oils can cause the bath bombs to remain soft, instead of hardening.


3.Use 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol as the liquid.  Water, witch hazel, and other common liquids used for bath bombs are fine in a desert climate, but if you live where there is any humidity they will cause premature fizzing.  Isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly so you can avoid the worst of the bath bombs fizz.


4.Begin the recipe with 2 parts baking soda to 1 part citric acid and 1/2 part modulator like rice flour, salt, or clay.  The modulator inhibits the reaction between the acid and the bath bombs baking soda, giving you more time to mix in the liquid.


5.Avoid liquid food colourings until you are comfortable with the method.  Water soluble color can be added to the alcohol in the spritz bottle.


6.One cautionary tale. Do avert your face from the isopropyl alcohol fumes, as you are working.  I didn’t the first time and had a painful day or two till my lungs worked out the inflammation.

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Wrapping up bath bombs for gifts

I wrapped my bath bombs in plastic wrap, but if you have some pretty gauze draw string bags, they would be perfect for displaying the bath bombs.  And they could be reused over and over again.  I gifted these in a recycled 1 ½ quart glass mayonnaise jar with a wide mouth lid.  I tucked a bath pouf in the top and put a daisy lid to allow the ribbon from the bath scrubby to pull through.  This lets the sweet rose fragrance out of the top of the jar.


The 1 ½ quart jar held 6 bath bombs, but a one quart wide mouth jar held only 3.



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