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Bath Bomb Trade Assurance

Bath Bomb Trade Assurance

One of my customer,ordered 4000set of wholesale bath bombs via alibaba trade assurance,he chose the best seller weight 60g, classical 6 pack, with customized and luxurious rigid paper box with colorful printing.


Main ingredients:Sodium,Citric Acid,Shea Butter,Essential Oil,Natural Plant Extracts,Etc.  All natural ingredients, toxic free, safety for all skin.


Custom special function: strong smell and fast fizzer


After open the box, you can see colorful stickers, each sticker show it’s fragrance as below for choice.









bath bomb blue white natural package Each bath bomb packed in 40g white oilproof wrapped paper,and put white cutting paper inside, which let whole set looks so fresh and natural.


And we added white paper cutting inside, firstly it can fix bath bombs strongly, and the secondly, let the whole set looks so elegant and heartwarming.


What’s more, the rigid paper box was used in 700g harden paper material, which is top quality, let whole set look so high-end and luxurious, also which can protect bath bombs much better than normal folded paper box.


Besides, we made shrink wrap for whole set, which just clear coating on surface, which can prevent dust, also let whole set looks good.

Considering long-distance transportation and protect goods better, we add a cross wall inside the carton as below to fix boxes.

Each carton pack total 24 boxes, total 6 layer, 4 boxes each lay.

blue box bath bomb for pack


foam bath bomb workship to pack Below are cartons stack in our factory, and waiting for truck coming to pick up.


Bath bombs belong to import and export limited products, so each shipment required commodity inspection to do customs clearance.


As agreed, this order based on EXW price, but we still made commodity inspection for him for our account,I trust this will be helpful for customer.


Now this order already shipped out smoothly.


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