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A Story about me and bath bombs

A Story about me and bath bombs


 Juicy Peach bath bomb packaging  UFO Bath Bombs


These days, my one of Australia customer ordered some top-quality bath bombs from us, I like these design so much, especially in color matching and special printing technique, I can’t wait to share pictures.


Below are semi products, bath bomb into clear case, with special carding, my customer name this item as “Juicy Peach”, yellow matched pink, so fresh and cool.


Look at the bath bomb coloring, seems there is a nice painting, which let your mind fly so far, RELAX and so FUN.

With special printing technique” Holographic silver hot stamp”, the whole effect looks so high-end, my one of colleague spoken to me it just like UFO, yes, it is. Anyway it will get your imagination started !


They did many items in different design, below are some of pictures for reference, now these are semi goods, kindly keep paying attention to my facebook, I will upload final products soon.
cute bath bombs bath bomb supplies uk



lush bath oil balls Classic Kraft Bath Bomb Set


I think KRAFT paper box is always classic, many customers like this kind of box design, simple but luxurious, which suitable for most of consumers’ taste.


My one of customer placed one order from me, she chose best seller weight 60g, with classic 6pack, we did 700g harden paper box for her, also with paper filling, with colorful stickers, at last we will do shrink wrap for whole set.

I have to say the customer is a so nice Madam, when I taken a video of PP sample, and then sent to her for checking, she shown my video to her retailers, also she told me they like this a lot, and received so many orders, I am so glad to receive so great feedback.


Also she sent an video to say hello to me and introduce the place which she lived, I am so happy she can trust me so much.

lush fizz banger bath bomb



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