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Questions & Answers For DIY Bath Bomb- Part 3

Questions & Answers For DIY Bath Bomb- Part 3


What bath bomb colorants can I use?

La Bomb colorants are specifically formulated and designed for optimal bath bomb coloring. They’re made of the same highly concentrated FD&C and D&C dyes that LabColors are made of. Instead of being made with water the way the LabColors are, La Bomb colorants are made with glycerin. That means when you add your La Bomb colorant to the bath bomb mix, it won’t start to fizz and make warts the way water-based colorants can.  Check out this article to learn more about BodyNurse Bath Bomb.


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In addition to La Bomb colorants, you can also use micas, clay, or other natural colorants to color your bath bombs. Simply add the dry colorants to the bath bomb mixture and blend until completely combined. Keep in mind that powder colorants can leave color on your tub and on your skin. This is particularly true for larger particle colorants like pigments. I prefer to work with micas or clays in bath bombs, as shown in the Lavender & Clay Mondo Bath Fizzy and the Mondo Bath Bombs.



To help the color and oil mix into the bath water rather than pooling on top, we recommend the emulsifier polysorbate 80. You can add it at 0.1 oz. per cup of fizzy mixture to start. Learn more about using polysorbate 80 in the Iridescent Pearl Bath Bomb and Crescent Moon Bath Bomb tutorials.

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in water bath bomb How much colorant can I add?

You can use as much colorant as you’d like. I like to start with a small amount and add more colorant until I achieve a color I’m happy with. Because baking soda and citric acid are white, it’s really difficult to achieve darker tones such as red or navy. To achieve a dark color, you’ll need to use a lot of colorant. That can lead to dark bath water, or leave a lot of color on your tub and skin.


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