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How to Make Bath Bombs Spin

How to Make Bath Bombs Spin

The bath bombs ingredients needed are: a half cup of Epsom salt, a half cup of citric acid, one cup of baking soda, one teaspoon of liquid glycerin, one teaspoon of water, three teaspoons of oil (the fragrance for your bath bomb), three tablespoons of sunflower or canola oil, one-fourth of a teaspoon of Borax, and food coloring (liquid). You will also need to have bath bombs molds, latex gloves, a bowl, a glass measuring cup, and paper towels.


factory colors bath bombs


Put all of the dry ingredients mentioned above into a bowl and mix them together. Put in the drops of food coloring. While wearing gloves (so as not to dye your hands), mix the food coloring into the dry ingredients until the color is uniform. Add the fragrance and mix it in with the dry bath bombs ingredients and food coloring. Now, leave this mixture alone for a while.


Combine the sunflower or canola oil, water, and glycerin in a measuring cup made of glass. Stir well. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Now, you can go back to your bowl of ingredients.


Using the spray bottle, spray the liquid in it into the bowl. After spraying, mix what is in the bowl together with the liquid that was just sprayed into the bowl. Repeat until the spray bottle is empty.

 OEM factory bath fizzies


amazing colorful bath bombs Fill a mold with your ingredients. Next, push the two halves of each filled mold together tightly. If there is any mixture that has spilled out of the sides, put it back in the bath bombs bowl. No mixture should remain outside of the molds.


Take the molds off by tapping one half of each mold. Next, tap the other half, releasing your bath bombs. Do this with all of your other molds as well. Make sure not to force the bath bomb out. Let the released bath bombs set for five to ten minutes. Air dry the bombs without moving them for three days. Place them on top of a paper towel to allow bath bombs to dry.


Remember to store your finished bath bombs in a contained place, such as a baggie or box.


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