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Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Bombs-You enjoy it!

Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Bombs-You enjoy it!

Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Bombs – Watch the rainbow appear when these bath bombs hit the water and start to fizz! They smell great, and they’re soothing to the skin!

Let me list out the ingredients you’re going to need to make these beautiful bath bombs:

Ingredients (Will make 6-9 large bath bombs)

8 oz. Baking soda

4 oz. Epsom salt

4 oz. Cornstarch

4 oz. Citric Acid

3 teaspoons water + additional drops as needed

2 teaspoons fragrance oil, etc. or 8-10 drops essential oil

2-5 drops food coloring

Silicone heart mold

Rainbow Nonpareils

 pink heart bath bombs


So, let’ s get started! In a large bowl, combine the Epsom salt, cornstarch, baking soda and citric acid. Stir the ingredients together using a whisk. In a separate small bowl, mix together your wet ingredients: water, fragrance and food coloring. 

Alright, now slowly whisk in the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients a little at a time. Don’ t dump the whole thing in at once because you’ ll ruin the fizz. How? Well, the fizz will happen now instead of later. . .when you actually want it in your bath. So pour lightly and slowly while whisking away!

You want to get the mix to a “clumping” consistency. If it seems to be a little dry, add a drop or two of water at a time and continue to mix. Use your fingers to test the consistency. Pinch a bit between your fingers. Does it stick together? Yes? Then you’ re ready to put  bath bomb powder into your mold.

 pink heart bath bombs mold


Okay, now for the the fun part. Get out those sprinkles and start shaking them on! I just put sprinkles on the tops of my bath bombs (which are technically the bottoms). If you want sprinkles on both sides, you can shake some into the mold before you add the powder mixture.

 sugar grains with bath bombs


Alright, now you wait. Like overnight wait. I’ d say at least 12-14 hours for sure – 24 hours if you want to be certain that they’ ll pop out of the molds  for you with no problems.

Rainbow pink heart bath bombs



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