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How to Package Bath Bombs for Gift Giving

How to Package Bath Bombs for Gift Giving

Bath bombs are loved by many and a popular gift to give, but figuring out how to package them can be a pain point.


Below, are the methods I use to package both individual bath bombs and bath bomb gift boxes.


I’ve also included a video tutorial on how to create personalized labels for your bath bombs!


bath bombs packaging



Notes before we start:

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The bath bombs shown are 100% natural and were created using recipes from my Natural Bath Bombs


This is my favorite way to present bath bombs!


They can comfortably hold four medium (around 5 oz) bath bombs, or two large (8 oz) + two medium (5 oz) bath bomb.


Make your bath bomb, let them dry, and then wrap tightly in plastic wrap.


factory bath bombs pack




I follow the directions in THIS YouTube video when I wrap my bath bomb.


Unfold the box, line it with tissue paper, and gently nestle your bath bomb inside, wrapping each one partially in crumpled tissue paper as you go, to act as a cushion.


I like to leave the tops of the bath bombs visible, for a pretty presentation upon opening.


Next, I type up and print off a list of what’s in the box, so the recipient knows all of the ingredients used.


Put the ingredient list in the box, close it up, tie it together with a ribbon and a bow, add a gift tag, and you’re done!


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