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Special Fizzy Bombs

Special Fizzy Bombs

More and more people like to use amazing and surprise fizz bombs to take a bath, and bombs products become popular recent year. And now people try to find some special fizzy bombs, like bath bomb with petals, with salts, with something inside.


One of my client required to have some toys inside the fizzy bombs, and want to put more than twenty kind of toys of their order. Their selling point is with different toys, they can keep consumer’s interest on their bombs and buy it again and again. I think this is a good point, and most of the kids would like these bombs, as they can always have a new toy after bath. Which toys below do you like?



Another client is asking to put some jewelry inside bombs, like ring, bracelet, necklace. But it’s a problem that the jewelry may have some reaction with the bombs, and our solution is to put the jewelry into a bag or some container before putting into a fizzy bombs.


fizzy bomb with toys


Do you like them? Buy our fizzy bombs and you can enjoy the surprised moment when you throw the fizzy bombs into water.




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