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Using bath bomb enjoy your bath time

Using bath bomb enjoy your bath time

Bathing is necessity,but shouldn’t feel like a process of washing your body-especially for people after work.Using the bath bomb bathing make you enjoy your bath time.How our bath bomb can make you enjoy your bath time?


1. A scent enjoy moment

The essential oils in our products can change your bathing experience by impacting your mood: consider how you would like to feel, then choose your essential oil accordingly. If you’re after a soothing soak, lavender and rose are great for calming the mind. Try A French Kiss, loaded with French lavender and rosemary, or Rose Jam, full of vanilla and rose, for a totally relaxing reprieve.


If you need something more energizing, choose a product with lots of sunny citrus oils to lift your spirits and get you going. Big Blue’s lemon oil can clear the mind and help you adopt a sunnier perspective;  and Sunnyside’s orange, lemon and tangerine oil blend will leave you cheery and chipper (and possibly covered in golden glimmer).

wholesale organic bath boomb
factory bath bomb 2. A skin care enjoy moment

Bathing in warm water opens your pores, leaves skin refreshed and glowing, and gives you the opportunity to deeply moisturize by adding natural organic essential oil bath bomb to your bath water smoothing your skin.Or if your skin is especially sensitive or dry, try the bath bomb for the added benefit of soothing oat milk.

3. A visual enjoyment

Bathing in colorful water like lie on the rainbow,what’s a amazing bath time.Also all of the color which you want to express yourself can be added in the bath bomb.When put the bath bomb into water make your bath water to be a colorful artwork.

white blue bath bomb


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