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More about Special Bath Fizzer

More about Special Bath Fizzer

As usual, September is peak season in all line, the same goes for our factory, we received so many orders,production schedule already arranged to be end of October.


This year bath fizzer is so hot, mainly market in USA and Europe, my USA friend told me American are even crazy for this products.


While in China, in the beginning, just few factories smell this big pork, they produced many normal bath fizzer, such as single color, ball shape and single fragrance, even so, which don’t affect the popularity of this product.


After then, more and more factories realized bath bomb is very marketable, they increased their investment and did many jobs, such as workshop explanation, developed new and special bath bombs, improvement of working environment, salary raise, worker training,etc.

Bubble Mica Special Bath Fizzer


bath fizzer factory Meanwhile, with price and quality competition, bath fizzer gradually were made into various sort of styles, such as food style, animal style, flower style, colorful style.


Special bath fizzer surely is trend in future market, I think people all know about this, but LUSH taken action early, they made bath bomb by 100% hand, each item is unique and perfect, so many people became their loyal fans.


When demand larger than supply, also with so many order pouring, factories have to make bath fizzer by machine.


At present, we made so many special bath fizzer, such as colorful donut, donut with candy grains, cakes, also we made poop, horn, mermaid,rainbow, etc, they are so cute and special.


Below picture was taken in our workshop, they were dried on the shelf, normally they need to be put here around 48 hours, next step our workers will arrange shrink wrap for each.


I think my this customer have an eye for design, not only in color matching ,but also in weight and shape, one word “perfect”.

wholesale bath fizzer workshop





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