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United States Amazon Bath Bombs Customer Order

United States Amazon Bath Bombs Customer Order

Received an inquiry from a customer in the United States. The customer is selling online online stores, mainly on Amazon and Ebay. The inquiry product is a single explosive salt with a quantity of 10,000 sets, which needs to be made into a special unicorn style. , and need to open the mold according to the customer’s drawings.

After the customer sent the inquiry, he sent out the need to sign the NDA before sending the inquiry details and product pictures. After checking that there is no problem with the NDA regulations, after we signed back, the customer sent detailed inquiries, including packaging details and product pictures. When the customer was about to place an order, he talked about that he has no photographer yet. But we wanted to push the product to the shelves as soon as possible. We told our company that we have a professional photography team, which can provide Amazon marketing pictures and videos, and can design for him. Moreover, the order customer is a free service. The customer is very pleasantly surprised and officially places an order. And start planning a marketing plan.

The order went very smoothly, 7 days for material preparation, 5 days for playing, 3 days for packaging, and the order was completed in the shortest time. Although some information was found to be wrong on the box label during shipment, we immediately wrote the correct content on the sticker to correct it, and reported it to the customer in time. The customer said it was acceptable and settled the balance immediately.


Our advantage:

1.Bodynurse bath bomb wholesale supplier more than 20 Years bath bomb factory History, Directly Sells with Competitive Price.
2. Good Materials and Mechanized Production Line Keep Goods in High Quality.
3. <1 Hours Quick Reply, High Quality Service, Professional Solutions.
4.The foam is rich and colorful, especially the color does not remain and not stain the bathtub.
5.The foam is rich and colorful, especially the color does not remain and not stain the bathtub.
6.Handmade, usually the best.environmentally friendly, does not pollute the earth, but also because it is handmade, error range(10g-20g).
7.Different petal bath bombs have different components and different functions. All products are made by hand after placing an order to ensure the freshness of products.
8.They are suitable for all skin types because the material is pure natural, no dye! Vegan! Gluten-free!No Phthalates! preservative-free!

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