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US Customers Soaps Order

US Customers Soaps Order

In March of this year, I received an inquiry from US customers for 2000*3 soaps. The sales target is women, and the LOGO needs to be customized on the soap. Each soap has different colors and fragrances, wrapping paper, customized stickers, 6 into the paper tube, customized artwork.

Customers have contacted several companies before finding us, but not only are they expensive, but they have also tried samples, and received very poor use and visual effects. We asked the customer for the previous sample pictures and felt that the workmanship was really rough. Then we sent the equipment made by our factory and the finished video for the customer’s reference. The customer felt that the effect was very good, and customized three fragrance samples, respectively. It is shea butter, goat milk and lavender. After receiving the samples, the customer feedback is the same as the previous communication. The surface of the product is smooth, there is no tightness after use, and it is very soft and moist; after the customer provides the LOGO document, our designer The first draft was provided to the client in just 24 hours. The client liked our color tone and typography very much. He made some small comments and slightly revised the details. It only took 3 days to complete the artwork design. It is very efficient.

In the end, it was decided to place an order of 2,000 pieces of each model and put them on the market.

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